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Up NextV1.5.0 (xx-June-2021)

Drivers from last contest and new race track…

V1.4.9  (28-Jun-2021)

Race Events are finally here!

With this brand new unique feature, Event promoters can now create Online Race Events for up to 84 players from within the game.
Join as many as you like but make sure to be there on time when the event starts.

Time yourself in the Time trial, followed by up to 6 heats a C-Main, B-Main and the A-Main race.

V1.4.8  (23-May-2021)

In this update, we’ve made substantial changes under the hood.

Some of the new stuff you can enjoy include:

  • Support for the new Xbox Steel series and PS5 controllers!
  • Added George Dixon Jr. to Super Late Models
  • Added Proline Synthetics custom skin for Supers and Crate late models

V1.4.7  (21-Apr-2021)

New Track – Flatline Fairgrounds!!
We’ve also made the following changes:-Final adjustments to the new wall system
-Adjusted bottom grip at Cushin Pushin, The Clip, Elbows Up, and Lip Ripper

V1.4.1  (11-Mar-2021)

  • Fixed an issue with ‘flying cars’ at Atomic Speedway
  • Fixed an issue at Cushin Pushin where rear wheels were off the ground
  • More improvements to Multiplayer net code for players on really laggy connections (more than 200ms)
  • Support for some new ultra widescreen devices
  • Change to the points system as follows
    • Players who complete a ranked MP race don’t lose points anymore.
    • Players who quit a ranked race but completed 70% of laps don’t lose points too.
    • Players quitting early in the race, get the point penalty.

V1.4.0  (09-Mar-2021)

  • Improved timing system for multiplayer games
  • Added the ability to change setups on the loading screen
  • Added a shortcut to car setups for easier access
  • Adjusted controller sensitivity curves (Xbox and PS4) so they’re as competitive as other control schemes
  • We are now saving your car customizations on the server so you can easily get them back when upgrading devices.
  • Changed shader during multiplayer races when cars are close to each other

V1.3.1  (08-Feb-2021)

  • Added 3 new custom skins for each car!
  • Bug fixes and improvements on car setups feature!

Lots happened here…

V1.1.9  (14-Sep-2020)
– Cautions show slower (2 seconds instead of 1s)
– Bug fix on lap count to prevent player from going a lap down during a caution
– Added SFX when caution is available
– Bug fix: Caution time does not start until ‘Green’- Caution button blinks yellow now

– Bug fix on showing name error before getting Server data.
– Ability to rotate camera with Right Stick X-Axis
– Bug fix: Loading wrong track (cushin pushin) on HotLaps and Single Player when restarting
– Green light does not flash anymore (Yellows still flash on/off)
– Reduced SLM/Richmond minimum time from 13.5 to 13.45

V1.1.8 | SWITCH
– Fixed issue with navigation in settings menu.
– Fixed issue with name changing feedback when players enter invalid names.
– We now allow all keyboard characters to be used in player names

V1.1.7  (11-Sep-2020)
– Brownfield physics material fix to keep AI cars on the track.
– Updated controller base code.
– Players will not be allowed to change their name for x days.
– Controllers: Remapped SteelSeries controllers
– Name tags are OFF by default
– Cautions:
– Cool down on cautions
– BugFix:  AI cars will no longer go in reverse on the track.

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