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Patch Notes Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

Up NextV3.4.2  (xx-May-2021)

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V3.4.1  (10-May-2021)

Flatline Fairgrounds is now open for business!

In this update, we add the highly requested ‘Merica skin for the 410s and also adjusted the walls to avoid unfair advantage when bouncing off the walls. We also fixed a few more bugs and realised we created a new one with the default ’17 – Dirt Trackin’ skin on some classes. We will fix this as soon as possible.

V3.4.0  (31-Mar-2021)

  • Multiplayer improvements. Similar to what we did on Dirt Trackin 2, we’ve now improved the net code on this game so we send less data every frame which should, in turn, reflect in a better experience when racing full lobbies.
  • We’ve also worked on a life-improvement feature where we allow players to move their controls to suit their device’s resolutions and personal preferences.
  • Change to the points system as follows
    • Players who complete a ranked MP race don’t lose points anymore.
    • Players who quit a ranked race but completed 70% of laps don’t lose points too.
    • Players quitting early in the race, get the point penalty.
  • Various other fixes and improvements

V3.3.7  (16-Mar-2021)

  • We are now saving your car customizations on the server so you can easily get them back when upgrading devices.
  • Added an all-time leaderboard for Multiplayer rank points so you never lose those hard-earned points again.
  • Bug fix: There were no shadows under cars when watching replays in TV Crew cam mode.

V3.3.6  (01-Mar-2021)

  • Car setups – tune your car to suit your driving style!
  • Added Justin Clark to the 410s!
  • Bugfix: First 2 players were starting on the same spot in Multiplayer races.
  • Bugfix: Career prize dialog could be skipped and hence forfeiting your reward.