Flying Squirrel Games


Dirt Trackin’ AllStar Series


Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars
410 Winged Sprints
Everything will be ran through events on the game.

Discord Link:

Wednesday May 25th

4 Open Qualifiers

8pm Est – 9pm Est – 10pm Est – 11pm Est

12  Lap Heats and 50 Lap A-Mains

The top 25 players from each event will move on to the Main Event.
(top 18 from A-Main, first 7 that didn’t qualify from the B-Main)

There will be no code required, but spots will fill up fast so be sure to keep an eye on the event section! 
(We will do our best to coordinate with the promoters to have them posted at certain times)

MAIN EVENT: Thursday, May 26th 9pm est

The Top 100 players who qualified will do battle for victory. You will automatically be placed into this event if you qualify.

15 Lap Heats and 100 Lap A-Main


  1. You are responsible for your device and connection. There will be no waiting or restarts unless there is a host crash and all players lose connection.
  2. A driver can only enter 1 Qualifier. (if you enter multiple and make the Main Event, you will be replaced by the next driver in line that didn’t enter multiple qualifiers.) This includes time trialing in multiple events and then leaving.