Patch Notes

V1.1.9  (14-Sep-2020)
– Cautions show slower (2 seconds instead of 1s)
– Bug fix on lap count to prevent player from going a lap down during a caution
– Added SFX when caution is available
– Bug fix: Caution time does not start until ‘Green’- Caution button blinks yellow now

– Bug fix on showing name error before getting Server data.
– Ability to rotate camera with Right Stick X-Axis
– Bug fix: Loading wrong track (cushin pushin) on HotLaps and Single Player when restarting
– Green light does not flash anymore (Yellows still flash on/off)
– Reduced SLM/Richmond minimum time from 13.5 to 13.45

V1.1.8 | SWITCH
– Fixed issue with navigation in settings menu.
– Fixed issue with name changing feedback when players enter invalid names.
– We now allow all keyboard characters to be used in player names

V1.1.7  (11-Sep-2020)
– Brownfield physics material fix to keep AI cars on the track.
– Updated controller base code.
– Players will not be allowed to change their name for x days.
– Controllers: Remapped SteelSeries controllers
– Name tags are OFF by default
– Cautions:
– Cool down on cautions
– BugFix:  AI cars will no longer go in reverse on the track.


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