Flying Squirrel Games


Facebook Contest Rules

We will have Facebook contests from time to time to get new drivers added to the game.


The driver must be aware that he/she is being entered into the contest and what it entails.  In past contests, it was helpful to have a direct family member or crew member, or better yet, the drivers themselves to post the car.  They did see the most success.

Drivers are required to sign paperwork, or if under 18 have a parent sign paperwork in order for us to be able to use their name in the game.  Also, the driver is responsible for getting us their wrap files, either from them, or they can have their wrap company email them directly to us.

The Driver must currently be racing in the year the contest post is created, if they have passed away and are no longer with us this rule does not apply.

Only 1 picture per car will be counted.  If multiple pictures of the same car are posted, only the likes from 1 picture will be counted (whichever pic has the highest likes)

At the end of the contest, i will tally the results, and the top X (whatever is defined in the facebook post) will be invited into the app.  I will also take the next few in line as alternates if the drivers that won don’t get their paperwork and artwork to me in a reasonable amount of time.