Flying Squirrel Games


Facebook Contest Rules

We have Facebook contests from time to time to give new drivers a chance to have their car added to the game.


Entry: The driver must be entered by themselves, or a direct affiliate of their team.  Any driver entered without permission will be automatically eliminated from the contest results. Documentation: The driver is required to sign a likeness release, or if under 18 have a parent sign the release in order for us to be able to use their name and car image in the game. Artwork: The driver is responsible for getting us their artwork files, either from them, or they can have their wrap company email them directly to us at
  • Contest winners: NEW RULE!  We will take the top 10 from a contest, and also 5 alternates.  Drivers in the top 10 have 15 days to submit their artwork.
  • If artwork is not submitted in time and in the proper format, they will forfeit their spot and it will be given to an alternate. 
  • NEW for 2023, we accept .AI, .PDF, and .EPS files.  If your graphics artist uses Flexi-Sign or a program that doesn’t keep grouping on export, please have them separate your graphics from your sponsors/number.
  • If the file comes through completely ungrouped and un-separated, we will re-request your graphics.
Note 1: Only 1 picture per car will be counted.  If multiple pictures of the same car are posted, only the likes from 1 picture will be counted (whichever pic has the highest likes) Note 2: Current SLM touring regulars have an open-automatic invite to the game, they will not be counted in the contest results.