Dirt Trackin’

About Dirt Trackin’:


When Dirt Trackin’ first started, it was a small idea that turned into a hugely popular game fast.  We didn’t have the budget to build a complete game, so with the HUGE help of our followers at the beginning we released a game at $2.99 that was very bare, and proceeded over the last 2 and half years to complete the game with all of the features we set out to bring to the game in the first place.

As the game grew, so did the demand to do different things with the game then what we had originally built.  A lot of time was spent altering the game to try and get it to the players liking, overall considering where it all started, the main goal was accomplished, to get single player, career, and multiplayer for the people we promised that to from the very beginning.

We are so humbled to have such a following of players that love the game, without your support, we would be nowhere.

As we proceed to the next stage in evolution of our games, i hope you are all as excited as we are.  The sprint car game is just a glimpse of what is to come in the future.

Those of you that have supported us through the bad and the good, i cannot thank you enough.

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