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Dirt Trackin Nationals

Dirt Trackin Nationals

Dirt Trackin’ Nationals Presented by NightOwl Designs: The Farm

Dirt Trackin’ 2
Super Late Model
Everything will be ran through events on the game.

How to enter: Place in the top 20 on the leaderboards of Atomic, Richmond, or Brownstown in November 2021. Alternatively, there will be an open event at Fairbury on week 4. The code will be posted the day of the tournament in our discord in the Dirt Trackin’ Nationals General channel

*Leaderboard times can be posted from Multiplayer, Events, and Hotlaps. Single Player/Career laps do not count towards the leaderboards.

Discord Link:

All codes and races will be posted in our discord, you will come into the general channel for the Dirt Trackin’ Nationals and a Moderator will add you to the proper channel.

Qualifiers – 4 Weeks of Qualifier races to fill the main event of 20 players. The first 3 weeks, the top 20 in times from those tracks will be selected to participate. The final week will be an open event, first come first serve.

Week 1: The top 20 from Atomic Speedway leaderboards in November will be invited to participate.

December 7th 7:00est. Qualifier 1 – Atomic Speedway. 50 Laps, top 5 advance to the Main Event.

Week 2: The top 20 from Richmond Raceway leaderboards in November will be invited to participate.

December 14th 7:00est. Qualifier 2 – Richmond Raceway. 50 Laps, top 5 advance to the Main Event.

Week 3: The top 20 from Brownstown Speedway leaderboards in November will be invited to participate.

December 21st 7:00est. Qualifier 3 – Brownstown Speedway. 50 Laps, top 5 advance to the Main Event.

Week 4: The final 5 players will be added through an open Event at Fairbury. First come first serve, we will post the code in the Dirt Trackin Nationals General chat in our discord the day of the qualifier.

December 28th 7:00est. Qualifier 4 – Fairbury. 50 Laps, top 5 advance to the Main Event.

Main Event:

January 4th 7:00est. Main Event – The Farm.

100 Lap Event race. The final 20 drivers will compete in an event at The Farm (currently unreleased) for the Main Event.


1st Place Main Event: YOU’RE IN. You are added to the game in the class of your choice. Free Wrap Design from Nightowl!

A signed wing end from Ricky Thornton Jr’s DTWC 100k winning car!

*If you have a current design and race already, we can add that artwork. If under 18 years of age, you’ll need a parents consent to go into the game.

2nd Place Main Event: Backbone Mobile Controller and a Chris Ferguson merch package!

3rd Place Main Event: $75 Amazon Gift Card!


#1. You are responsible for yourself and your device/connection. There will be no restarts for late players or players who’ve disconnected. If there is a server side issue and more then 50% of the players have an issue within a race, the admin will make the call whether to restart the race or not.

#2. A player can only race a Qualifier 1 time. We want to give opportunity to race to as many as possible. If you have qualified for multiple weeks, then you have earned the right to pick which one you’d like to race. You must report which week you’d like to race to the Dirt Trackin’ Nationals general chat in our discord by December 3rd at midnight, or you will be placed in the 1st slot available and removed from the rest. We will fill empty slots with places #21 and beyond from November’s leaderboards. All events will have 20 players either way. There will be no alternates for players that no-show the day of the event.

#3. NO Code sharing. Obviously this is a no-go. But in case it happens, do not join the lobby if you are not qualified. Not only will you not be scored and counted, you will be banned from all future Dirt Trackin’ held tournaments. Since there is no real way for us to tell who’s shared what, we’ll have to ban the player that joined but was not participating.

#4. You are only allowed to race on one account. We can cross IP addresses fairly easily. We know who the majority of the players are that are usually in the top 20 and we will be checking this. If a player attempts to race more then once on different accounts, they will lose all entries into the tournament on all accounts and not be eligible to race in future tournaments.

#5. Post race behavior. This is going to be an extremely competitive event. Somebody, and probably multiple people, will have the event not go their way. Please keep in mind, this is on a mobile game and players will race over some poor connections. Keep your post race comments within reason please.

***Format and schedule subject to change.